Dr. Will Tracz

Lockheed Martin Fellow Emeritus (Retired)

25 Larchmont Rd
Owego, NY 13827-1107
Telephone: (607) 687-6274
Cell: (607) 972-3168

Dr. Will Tracz is a Lockheed Martin Fellow Emeritus (retired). On his retirement in May of 2012, he was a principal software engineer/application architect for the Global Combat Support System - AF (GCSS-AF) program at Lockheed Martin IS&GS in Owego, NY where he was responsible for evaluating new technology and investigating its application. He was also co-chair of the Lockheed Martin Advanced Software Technology Focus Group, member of the IS&GS Engineering Review Board, and the Lockheed Martin Liaison to ACM and IEEE CS. Recently, he served as Tech Volume Lead/Author on several Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), infrastructure modernization, virtualization and ITIL-oriented new business proposals. Dr. Tracz started his career with the IBM Federal Systems Company Owego Laboratory, which became Loral Federal Systems Owego before being acquired to become Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego.

Before joining the Global Combat Support System - AF (GCSS-AF) Enterprise Engineering department in 2001, he was IR&D PI (principal investigator) on a task focused on Enterprise Architecture Frameworks (e.g., DoDAF (formerly C4ISR), Zachman, JTA, FEAF, and TOGAF) and architecture representation tools with special emphasis on business process modeling and analysis using Lockheed Martin's ARQuest(TM) Blueprint.

Prior to this, he served as Technical Program Chairman of Lockheed Martin’s Joint System Symposium (JS01) and Enterprise Architecture track co-chair for the Mission Critical Enterprise Systems Symposium. He was lead PI on a large IR&D task focused on collaborative e-business – data warehouses, ERP systems, supply chain management systems, enterprise system integration (EAI) and knowledge management/business intelligence as well as the lead consultant on US Gypsum e-procurement/e-business project. Dr. Tracz was an ad hoc member of the 1999 Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) COTS Study. In addition, he was a co-PI on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Dynamic Assembly of Systems for Adaptability, Dependability, and Assurance (DASADA) Program, a PI on the DARPA Domain-Specific Software Architecture (DSSA) Project and a participant in the DARPA Evolutionary Design of Complex Systems (EDCS) Program. He was chair of the corporate Software Subcouncil working group on COTS and Reuse. While with IBM, he was a member of IBM Corporate Reuse Council, IBM FSC Reuse Steering Committee, and editor of the IBM Corporate Programming Reuse Newsletter.

Dr. Tracz is a member of the RIT Software Engineering Advisory Board and RIT GCCIS Dean’s Council, a charter member the Software Engineering Institute Technical Advisory Group on Engineering and Method (2006-2010), an IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) Executive Committee Member at Large (2004-2008) and is currently their vice-chair for Awards as well as vice-chair for the local IEEE Chapter. In addition, he is editor of the ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, member of the ACM Professional Development Committee, past chairman of the International Conference on Software Engineering sponsored by IEEE and ACM, and chairman of the upcoming ACM Foundations of Software Engineering in 2012. He also served as newsletter editor and chair of ACM SIGMicro and has chaired several reuse conferences, symposiums, and workshops.

Tracz has over 100 publications on software engineering, microprogramming, and software reuse. His current book, "Confessions of a Used Program Salesman: Institutionalizing Software Reuse," published (1995 in English, 2001 translated to Japanese) by Addison-Wesley, provides a roadmap for introducing reuse into an organization by first using anecdotes and analogies to illustrate the non-technical inhibitors to software reuse, then providing a detailed process for identifying and creating reusable software assets.

In addition, Tracz has been the keynote speaker or invited speaker at several reuse and software engineering conferences, symposiums, and workshops. He has given over two dozen tutorials on software reuse and domain-specific software architectures. These range from half or full-day surveys (e.g., ICSE, STC, COMPCON, COMPSAC, and the IBM Quality Institute), to 3-day short courses at UCLA and UC Irvine.



 B.S.   Mathematics                          SUNY Geneseo  1972
 M.S.   Computer Science                     Penn State    1974
 M.S.   Computer and Electrical Engineering  Syracuse      1979
 Ph.D.  Electrical Engineering               Stanford      1997






To contact, send e-mail to Will@Tracz.org.

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