A Trace of Grace

Music and Lyrics by Will Tracz
Copyright 1999 Will Tracz - All Rights Reserved.

V1: There's a trace of grace here now.
I can't begin to tell you how.
There's a presence of the Lord in this place.
There's a peace that surpasses all.
You can almost hear the call.
Of the Lord as he reaches out to you and me.

R:His grace flows out over you and me.
It flows from heaven above.
A trace of grace is all we pray You leave us Lord right here today.

BR: We sing Glory, We sing Glory,
We sing Glory to You our God.

V2:There's a trace of grace right here.
I feel the Lord's presence near.
His Spirit is flowing all throughout this place.
There is healing everywhere,
People gathering in prayer
The Lord's love is raining down on you and me,

V3:There's a trace of grace to behold.
More precious than silver or gold.
Jesus gave his life that we may live again.
We are children of the Lord.
We must listen to His word.
To receive the grace He has promised you and me.

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